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Easy Cleaning Tips for Cleaning Your Home

October 25, 2013
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How to clean a medicine cabinet

Medicine Cabinet CleaningAmazingly recent studies show that one of the most neglected household items in terms of cleaning is the medicine cabinet. These same studies show that a vast majority of people don’t clean their cabinets because they believe that they don’t accumulate dust and dirt. The thing that these people don’t realize is that medicine cabinets just like bathroom or kitchen cabinets do accumulate harmful particles, meaning that they do require as constant cleaning as any other type of cabinetry. If you are one of these people who rarely clean their medicine cabinet, keep reading because we will turn your attention on a quick tutorial that will allow you to quickly and efficient clean your medicine cabinet.

Always commence the medicine cabinet cleaning by removing all the medicaments from it. If the shelves of your cabinet are removal, remove them as well. Next get an all-purpose cleaning detergent and mix it with water. Apply the mixture on the inside and outside of the medicine cabinet. While you are allowing the cleaning solution to sit, clean the shelves of your cabinet in the same manner with which you cleaned the interior and exterior of your medicine cabinet.

Continue the cleaning by drying the shelves, inside and outside of the medicine cabinet. Before you place the shelves in place, conduct a final checkup to see that all the dust, stains and spots are removed. Now place the cabinet shelves in place and commence rearranging your medicaments in the cabinet.

Medicine Cabinet CleaningWhile you are rearranging your medicine in the cabinet check the expiration date of each medicament. Set aside all medicaments which are out of date. You won’t need these medicaments so why allow them to take valuable space in your medicine cabinet. Even more why take the risk of somebody taking some of these medicaments and causing to himself more harm than good. However do not dispose of the expired medicine by throwing them into the trash. Instead read the disposal guidelines of each medicament and follow the recommended procedure to the letter.

Now that you have arrange your medicaments into your medicine cabinet, and disposed of all out of date medicine, finish the cleaning process by wiping clean the mirror of your medicine cabinet. Sprinkle some common window cleaner on the mirror and wipe it clean with a soft paper towel. Make sure that all water marks are removed before you call it a day. Go to Cleaning Services London website for more cleaning tips and don’t forget to visit us again.

November 20, 2012
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Easy Cleaning Tips for Hard-To-Clean Rooms

Cleaning TipsKeeping the kitchen, bathroom and toilet clean and sanitised is necessary, but takes a decent amount of effort, time and resources and End of Tenancy Cleaning London is here to help you. This is made even more difficult if you have a bunch of other things to deal with. In such situations you need some useful cleaning advice and easy-to-follow cleaning plan.

In the kitchen

Be systematic and start the cleaning process from one end of the kitchen and make your way clockwise or anticlockwise whichever you prefer; don’t clean here and there and don’t skip through chores as your results will turn out patchy.

-Pay enough cleaning attention to the kitchen sink – the sink is arguably the dirtiest spot in the kitchen, the average kitchen sink has more germs and bacteria growing on it than most toilet seats, keep that in mind and give it a good clean. If necessary, use a specially formulated antibacterial cleaning product (EPA disinfectants).

-The dishwasher is an appliance that needs a good clean too, run an empty (or self-cleaning) cycle adding a cup of undiluted bleach; you can also scrub the interior walls of the dishwasher with some baking soda to remove grime and slime built up in corners and gaps.

Cleaning the oven has always been a dreaded but necessary cleaning chore, in order to keep the appliance relatively neat and easier to clean, place a non-stick oven liner on the oven bottom. The liner is easily removed and washed separately in the dishwasher.

-Don’t forget to disinfect and deodorise the kitchen rubbish bin, it is also one of the dirtiest and smelliest spots in the average kitchen.

In the wet rooms

Cleaning Tips-Mould growing on shower curtains is a common nuisance for many people. Stick the curtain in the washing machine with a few towels and run a full cycle, perhaps add a tiny bit of bleach. Mould should wash off easily.

-Use citric acid as a good alternative to strong solvents and aggressive chlorine cleaners used in the toilet. Citric acid will work quite well when you need to clean the toilet bowl and seat, plus the solution is nontoxic – important for people who keep pet animals.

Always clean out drains in the toilet and bathroom, if necessary use a strong unclogging product but do the job right as when drains become clogged you have a potential bacterial disaster on your hands. Pour hot water down drains every few days so you don’t have to clean them chemically every week.

February 22, 2011
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Household Cleaning Solutions – What Else You Need To Know

Household Cleaning SolutionsPeople have access to a vast variety of cleaning products and materials for almost any cleaning job around the home. There is also the option to prepare one’s own cleaning solution, specially formulated for the task at hand. Before choosing how to clean your place, and what products to use, consider some of the following information.


Bleach is an excellent disinfectant that can be used on many surfaces and materials. When using bleach remember that many surfaces do not need disinfecting at all as they are cleaned effectively using normal strength detergents. Bleach is also quite harsh on certain natural stone materials like marble.

Lemon juice and vinegar

A proven and effective cleaning solution, lemon juice and/or vinegar will kill off most bacteria and eradicate mould from different surfaces, but this solution will not kill off viruses such as flu or chickenpox. To kill viruses lingering in your home you need an EPA grade disinfectant.

The laundry

When doing the washing, many people use the cold water setting on their machine and add bleach for extra washing power and brighter colours. Indeed using cold water will save some power, but adding bleach will only get you so far. Hot water on the other hand kills off many germs, bacteria and dust mites, combine hot water washing with a small amount of bleach and your washing results will improve greatly.

The inside of the washing machine

Household Cleaning SolutionsMost people will think the inside of their washing machine is quite a clean spot. Yes but no, germs and bacteria from clothing can cling to the interior of your washing machine and they usually do. Run an empty cycle on hot water setting, add half a cup (or a full cup) of undiluted bleach and that’s it, run a low water cycle.

Vacuuming the carpet

Contrary to common belief, frequent vacuuming will not ruin the carpet’s good looks and comfort properties. In fact, frequent vacuuming will prolong the life of your carpets and keep them looking better. Grit, dirt and hard particles are abrasive and will be driven further into the carpet through foot traffic which means regular vacuuming is the only way to protect the carpet.

A different product for each surface

There is a different cleaning product for each surface these days, though many times using as specially formulated cleaning product is unnecessary. Many surfaces aren’t as germy as they are made to be, and an all-purpose cleaner will be more than enough.